Second LTT in Italy

The second LTT of the project was held in Italy between 06th March and 12th March, 2022. The Italian partner welcomed guests from Turkey, Spain, Belgium and Croatia in Pomigliano d’Arco. The German partner couldn’t travel to Italy due to the restrictions in their country.


The participants had some joint activities in international groups. The schedule of the activities held during the week was as follows below:

1st Day: Getting to know each other games prepared by the host country. Presentations of schools, cities, and countries by the pupils. Evaluation of the previous mobilities with the impressions and reached goals. (What have we done so far?)

2nd Day: The pupils designed logos in international groups. Each group nominated their logo for the poll. The winner was chosen by a poll.

3rd Day: The pupils were shown the symbols of the SDGs, and asked to guess what they mean.  The SDGs with  numbers 12, 13, 14 and 15 were shared with the international groups randomly. Each group searched for information about the goal they had, and presented it to the other groups. They used different devices and tools for their presentations.

4th Day: National groups identified the environmental risk factors in their country and explained them to other groups.

5th Day: Filling in the satisfaction survey prepared by the host country. The certificate ceremony. The principal of the host school gace the signed certificates of attendance.