GO! Atheneum Grimbergen

The GO! atheneum Grimbergen strives to guide young people to live in varied circumstances. In organizing its education, the school is based on the pedagogical project of Community Education (PPGO), supplemented with its own accents: it is essential that young people think about their actions and make responsible choices. Every serious choice requires a coherent whole, whereby the fundamental values, foundations, and general principles are formulated as clearly as possible.
The GO! atheneum Grimbergen emphasizes the common values, this implies that parents and pupils show a positive recognition and appreciation for the diversity of opinions and forms of behavior in our society.

Our goal is to pursue a total development of the young person through the development of attitudes with special attention to a critical and creative attitude towards people, nature and society. The willingness to empathize with the other’s experiential and values world with interest but without interference. Stimulating to build up a personal responsible choice, which is accompanied by a sense of responsibility towards oneself and others in society. The choice of specialization is of course of great importance. The GO! atheneum Grimbergen assists the pupil and the parents with this choice by giving advice and emphasizes that this advice is a well-founded guideline.

Although knowledge transfer remains one of the most essential tasks, we also set the ideal of developing from a young person into a mature person with a heart for others and respect for beliefs that they do not share.

The school opts for offering General Secondary Education (ASO), aimed at a broad general development and the widest possible range of opportunities in higher education. The aim is to achieve the widest possible range of courses. There are learning paths in Latin, sciences, economics and human sciences. Our team consists of 60 teachers and 700 pupils

Here in this school, we try our bests to help the environment in every possible way. We clean the school with our pupils. We are trying out this new project to talk and to connect with other people around Europe. We want to learn about the project and in the future, we would like to visit the culture of the other schools and we would enjoy learning about how the other countries help the environment.

The school values the environment a lot and shows that with activities. The youth campaigns for the climate started in Belgium last school year. Many of our pupils participated in it.